The 1501

In 1935, the Bassett Lowke workshops produced 1500 models of NORMANDIE, as a gift to 1 st class passengers during the Maiden Voyage.

They are now almost impossible to find. An unsuccessful search for a model led me to design the 1501 in 2022, a new version of the model, as a tribute to these exceptional craftsmen. I’ve added a more personal, graphic touch. The blue base reminds the the swirl of the waves due to the 4 propellers, the luminous letters are added to the sun deck and the letters N O R M A N D I E are inscribed on the blue ribbon. Finally, the creation of a Corian and brass socle, adorned with a blue ribbon and a tricolor ribbon, completes the sculpture.

On this majestic pedestal, the scene of the triumphant first arrival in New York  is recreated motionless.

Single copy, not available